Snow Yunxue Fu

Snow Yunxue Fu’s artwork approaches the subject of the Sublime using topographical computer rendered animation installations. She examines and interprets the world around her through digital reality, where she draws a parallel to the realms of the physical, the virtual, the metaphysical, and multi-dimensionality.

Modeling her animations on the allegorical paintings of Casper David Fredrich, Fu continues her aspirations in the sublime from her painting background into experimental digital media, exploring the nature of physical and metaphysical limits, as the work also mirrors the fundamental aspect of Chinese Traditional Landscape Painting, which often presents a type of virtual reality where the significance of the individual and linear perspective is blurred into a voluminous landscape. Extending out from the pictorial, Fu’s installation work engages in a metaphoric relationship with physical perception, by which the sublime is framed and the viewer is invited to enter into a liminal interior within a digitally constructed realm.

Fu was recently invited to talk in the CG in Asia Panel at the International conference at SIGGRAPH Anaheim 2016, presenting her artwork and research exploring the environmental simulation technology most relevant to our time. Like other Chinese Contemporary media artists, such as Cao Fei and Xinghan Chen, Fu’s work examines the possibilities inherent in contemporary media and technology in experimental cinema and contemporary media art.

Fu has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, including the Hong Kong Arts Center, ISEA2016 in Hong Kong, Expo Chicago, Hongli Chen Art Museum, Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology in Connecticut, Digital Culture Center in Mexico City, Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, Chicago Artist Coalition, Kunsthalle Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Filmmakers, MoMA PopRally Screening, Gene Siskel Film Center, NURTUREart Gallery in Brooklyn, TEMP Art Space in New York, Gallery C Space in Beijing China, West Village Art Gallery in Chengdu China, SIMULTAN Festival in Romania, and 9:16 Film Festival in Australia.

Her early painting work, Kissing the Mother, is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of China in 1994, keeping the record of the youngest artist in the collection.