Snow Yunxue Fu

My work engages in a Kantian quest to capture the experience of the sublime through the limited means of human consciousness especially within the contexts of the multi-faceted contemporary technological society. It is a question that transcends cultural boundaries and one that opens onto fundamental inquiries into the nature of human existence: who are we and what is our significance in the material cosmos?

Began with traditional media and materials, my work has evolved into an engagement with computer-rendered abstractions. Modeling my animations on the allegorical paintings of Casper David Fredrich, I discovered that his aspiration to explore the nature of physical and metaphysical limits mirrored a fundamental aspect of Chinese Traditional Landscape Painting.

By mainly utilizing the 3d simulation software in installation and experimental cinematic settings, I examine the possibilities inherent in current environment simulations technology in terms of experimental cinema and contemporary media art. Extending out from the pictorial, my installation work engages in a metaphoric relationship with physical perception, by which the sublime is framed and the viewer is invited to enter into a liminal interior within a digitally constructed realm.