• Snow Yunxue Fu's Curatorial Work

    Snow Yunxue Fu's Curatorial Work

    1) The Main Evanston 3D Animation Program
    The program runs from December 2016 to April 2017, organized by Yuge Zhou and curated by Snow Yunxue Fu, supported by the Riverside Investment & Development Company. The Project showcases selected work of some of the artists from Snow Yunxue Fu's Fall 2016 Atmospheric 3D Animation class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. The artists in the order of the exhibition are: Bobby Swainhart, Nick Flaherty, Stefan Glowacki, Minsuh Kim, Hadyn Cortez, Dohee Kim, Antonio Manaligod, Daniel Brookman, Peishi Zhang, Jackie Shin, Mario Acosta-Warren, Anna Romanova, and also Snow Yunxue Fu.
    Program Reception

    2) Post Landscape Arcade
    The exhibition is curated by Snow Yunxue Fu and Alfredo Salazar-Caro at the Sullivan Gallery showcase eight 3D video game artwork that is made by the students from the Early College Program Game Design class in the summer 2016 semester at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
    Exhibition Documentation

    3) Double Frame Gallery
    Double Frame Gallery is run by a Chicago-based artist collective named Group Format. The gallery aims to regularly present new exhibitions and artistic programming from artists in the group as well as the curation of other local and international artists. Fu is a member of Group Format and manages the gallery's operation.
    The Double Frame Gallery is located on the 4th Floor of Mana Contemporary Chicago.
    Gallery Website
    Gallery Facebook Page

    4) -scape
    An exhibition of works on the second floor by Jon Cates, Mo Chen, Snow Yunxue Fu, Philip Hanson, Max Hattler, Alan Kwan, and Philip Vanderhyden. Curated by artist curators Mo Chen and Snow Yunxue Fu, the exhibition takes on the idea of abstract space both physically and metaphysically.
    Zhou B Art Center, 2nd Floor Exhibition Space
    Opening: 7-10pm, July 17th, 2015
    July 17th - Aug 28th, 2015
    The show will also have a panel discussion with the artists and guest panelist Chaz Evens on July 18, 2015 from 12:30 to 2pm.
    Exhibition Page at Zhou B Art Center
    Audio Curator Tour of the Show
    -Scape Show Catalogue PDF download

    5) A City to Wear
    A Contemporary Chicago Painting Survey Group Show
    Snow Yunxue Fu co-curated with Summer Xiao Han
    The Research House for Asian Art
    Sep 19 - Oct 12, 2014
    A City to Wear Opening Photos Link
    A City to Wear Show Catalogue PDF download

    6) ReConstellation
    New Media Group Show
    Snow Yunxue Fu co-curate with Tie Jojima and Nhung Walsh
    Park sis n3w M3dia art festival for Volume 1.
    July 31 - Oct 1, 2014
    ReConstellation Show Photos Link

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    Snow Yunxue Fu co-curated with Tie Jojima and Nhung Walsh
    DfbrL8r Gallery
    Apr 17, 2014
    <legend> </legend> Performance Photo Link

    8) Eye and Ear Clinic Programs
    a grad student group supported by the Film, Video, New Media, and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)
    Snow Yunxue Fu lead and organized visiting artist talks, screenings, and shows as well as studio visits for the SAIC students.
    Aug 2013 - May 2014
    Eye and Ear Clinic Blog Link

    9) Experimental 3D Animation Screening
    curated by Snow Yunxue Fu
    Autumn Space Gallery
    May 18, 2013
    Experimental 3D Animation Screening Photos Link

    a female artists Experimental 3D Animation Installation group show
    Snow Yunxue Fu co-curated with Hiba Ali
    SUGS Gallery in Chicago
    Oct 3 - Oct 24, 2013
    vERSUS REALITY Show Website Link

    11) Young Talent: Chinese Guiyang Stars Children’s Art School Student Show
    curated by Snow Yunxue Fu, in collaboration with Mary Erbach
    AIC Ryan Education Center
    Trott Family Gallery, at the Art Institute of Chicago
    Jan - March, 2012
    Show Photo Link