Snow Yunxue Fu: Portfolio
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My work explores the experience and the challenges that arise when we are faced with the notion of greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement, or imitation, inviting viewers to experience and consider our ability to articulate our physical limitation to grasp it, and the fundamental questions that arise between the metaphysical and our physical perspective.

My animations reference Casper David Fredric’s painting Wonder Above Sea and Fog, on the account of the emotional response of the contemplative figure encountering both the physical and metaphysical infinity, which is also a major concern in Chinese Traditional Landscape Painting. With a former painter’s sensibility, I approach the subject of the sublime using topographical computer rendered abstraction set on a time line. Like Fredric’s painting, I abstract perception as a frame and opening to another world and experience, inviting the viewer to look with me looking into the landscape, and to search for their own experience.

Extending out from the pictorial, my installation work becomes a necessary metaphor for physical perception, by which the sublime is framed, inviting the viewer to enter into a liminal Gorden Matta Clark like interior with a digitally constructed space; a demonstration of Woody Vasulka’s writing, Note on Installation: “…the internal space is open to a continuous rearrangement and access to a selection of views and narrative vectors in infinite, not only to the author, but also with the use of certain strategies, to the viewer…”

I consider artists like James Turrell, Ryoji ikeda, and Christo and Jeanne-Claude as constellations in extending my exploration. As technology has enabled experiences of both awe and terror, I see the Techno-Sublime as the contemporary exploration of the quest towards the sublime. Computer simulation technology is used in my work to achieve both familiar and unknown reality, where conditions in which what is real and what is fiction are blended into a hyperreality.

My work joins a question of Immanuel Kant’s; what does the experience of the sublime mean in confrontation with the limitations of our mind? It is a question beyond cultural boundaries. By exploring the questions aroused when faced with those limitation, I hope to re-exam and invite the fundamental questions about human existence: who are we; what is our significance in a physical cosmos?