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May 2013

Tour deals with the issues that arise when mankind is confronted with nature and the metaphysical, but manifested in its digital forms, as they are increasingly experienced and/or expressed in the 21st century. Tour is an indoor architectural scaled installation that will contain a ground projection of my atmospheric experimental 3D animation, which will be projected on top of a transparent material, such as resin, glass, or
gel, which would suggest water. There will also be two backlit wall sculptures (roughly the size of a human) and the exact shape of the animated abstract forms, which will need to be fabricated using 3D printing technology.

The viewer will be invited to walk or lay down on the transparent material, with layered atmospheric natural ambient sound coming from the sculptures. The installation will give the viewer a sense of both isolation and intimacy. The created space will draw attention to the relationship between the physical reality of our body and the virtual reality, which I believe reflects the metaphysical. It creates a liminal space for the viewer. This is a kind of space that is outside of the conventions of everyday life but is essential to the core of it, and references the historical concept of the Sublime, traced back to eastern traditional landscape paintings and Casper David Friedrich’s allegorical mountain sites.

The metaphysical, the spiritual, the sublime, and how we relate to and live around them, have developed to be the central exploration in my work. Over the last three years, I have experienced a greater artistic expression through the use of technological advancements and have become impassioned and intrigued as the use of these technologies and the nature of digital and artificial realities become a working and increasingly multifaceted metaphor for that relation and my exploration.