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Daughter ICE (International Conceptual Ehuman) is in its early development as a broad virtual human project by artist Snow Yunxue Fu. Daughter ICE is the virtual daughter of the artist, which will take characteristics of her artist mother as well as the artist's mother, Xiaobing (Little Ice) Liu, who are both Asian female artists. Daughter ICE is also the virtual manifestation of the relationship shared between Fu’s mother and Fu through digital means, such as texts, audio messages, video chats, emails, social media, etc. Set in the context of hyper-localization and hyper-digital time due to the COVID pandemic, Daughter ICE is a long-term exploratory project that departs from commercial virtual human making, as a novel visual phenomenon, into the implications of our digital selves as we experience intimacy across generational, familial, cultural, and continental lines. * digital model assistant: Sarah Ann Banks

Daughter ICE Fashion Series - ICE
* virtual fashion design assistant: Diego Lechuga