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Daughter ICE - Wave
December 2022

Daughter ICE (International Conceptual E-human) is as an ongoing and evolving digital art project designed by new media artist, Snow Yunxue Fu. This project harnesses cutting-edge 3D imaging techniques, spanning from modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation to motion capture. Fu employs a repertoire that encompasses post-photo simulation software, game engines, motion captures, virtual production, and AI tools, all coalescing to bring to life a virtual progeny – a digital human conceived by the artist.

Daughter ICE, in her physical attributes and the depths of her personality, bears a striking resemblance to the artist herself and her mother, who are both artists and educators. Notably, Fu's identity as an individual, artist, and educator has been profoundly shaped by her mother's influential presence. In an age profoundly impacted by the global pandemic, which has separated numerous international families, Fu's project assumes a poignant significance. It serves as an exploration of the dynamic interplay between individuals, their digital and physical selves, and the ever-evolving realm of technology.

Employing cutting-edge 3D imaging techniques, this project breathes life into a virtual human, one that seamlessly embodies the artist's rich lineage of identity, artistic multi-generational family background, and heritage. By crafting sub-projects such as immersive VR experiences, multi-dimensional installations, and interactive metaverse spaces, as well as online engagements through social media and platforms via "Daughter ICE", the project becomes a conduit for Fu to explore the profound familial connections that transcend geographic confines. It bridges generational, familial, cultural, and continental chasms within the expansive realm of the virtual. Through this artistic odyssey, Fu intends to delve into the intricate implications of our digital personas, and their instrumental role in fostering intimacy across the multifaceted tapestry of human existence.

* Project Studio Assistants: Diego Ruben Lechuga Rodriguez, Eujin Kim, Feifei Lai, and Sarah Ann Banks