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In the CG in Asia Panel at Siggraph Anaheim 2016, I shared my professional experience as an artist, curator, and educator, and how Siggraph’s focus on Art + Science are reflected within my artistic focus and perspective as a Chinese national. I will be speaking on how my previous experience as a traditionally trained Chinese painter and sculptor influenced the research, transition, and development of my abstract experimental 3D animation and installation work, as a now U.S. based Chinese new media artist. I also wish to share my knowledge and experience working with CG related artists both inside and outside of Western circles through collaborations and curatorial exhibitions.

In addition to my professional and personal experience, I also have presented some of my student’s Experimental 3D Animation work developments from classes that I teach in the Film, Video, New Media, and Animation department at SAIC. The students have incorporated various strategies of producing special-effects image sequences, using the special Atmospheric Animation software Realflow and particles and the dynamic functions within the software Maya.

Panel Participants:
Ben Lert: Chair of SIGGRAPH Asia 2017
Elanor Gates Stewart: Artist / Professor of Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Kenji Ozawa: Manager, Planning group Educational Div.
Computer Graphic Arts Society (CG-ARTS)
Snow Yunxue Fu: Artist / Curator / Lecturer of School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC)

Snow Yunxue Fu’s Talk at CG in Asia Panel at Siggraph Anaheim 2016
July 2016