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Side, Installation View
Side, Installation View
Video Installation
40 x 40 x 5 inches
September 2017

Galerie Protege
Chelsea, New York NY
Sep 7th - Oct 3rd, 2017

We have a long-term dilemma for we have a short-term body.

The shifting nature of human emotions is like the seaweeds on the bottom of the ocean, floating around according to the different currents passing by. Our love and joy, our betrayal and hates, and many things in between wave within the thoughts and choices we make in our everyday life. One cause for our desire for intimacy is to extend our limited selves. We attempt to know others and to love someone also help to achieve one of the greatest efforts of self-realization.

Maybe there will be/is a world, where everyone can know everyone else intimately. An intimacy that is beyond the body, and into the mind and soul. It would be through every second and minute, through every single cell, every thought, every movement, while with the complete freedom. Then we would really know a lot more about this world we live in.

But as humans in this current world, we can only see this what we call life and others on the side. We shall realize that no matter what our perspective is, it is always limited. But this should also give us hope, as we hope this world is not only just what we can see, full of unpredictability and hurts. Death then must not be the end, since we do not fully know.

Digital space has a certain stability so much more so than the real space we inhabit. Digital space is a realm that exists in-between life and death while it belongs to neither. Digital space can be treated as neutral. You may choose to attach meaning and thoughts to it, but its nature does not necessarily change. In a way, digital space is rather constant, the little piece of eternity that we can encounter in our everyday modern life.

project studio assistants: Dohee Kim and Yuki Cong
white wooden box commision: Kyle Schlie
sound commission: Daniel Brookman