Digital 3D Art Projects & Media Installations > Karst, Solo Show Installation at Chazan Family Gallery

Artist Demo on Karst VR
March 2019

Karst is multi-level virtual reality visual and sound experience/artwork that creates liminal spaces in between the representational and the theatrical, the limited and the multi-dimensional, and the abstract and the real for people to visit and experience. The multiple scenes in Karst reference a variety of places in our reality that is being limited to be visited because of various reasons, revealing human’s relationship to the larger world. It pushes the boundaries of landscape art by putting natural ecologies and human environmental interventions in dialogue through immersive VR. It also attempts to embody the concept of Plato’s cave in the medium of a virtually constructed realm, providing a contemplative environment for the visitor to wonder; walking and teleporting within the control of the wireframed virtual hands that are given to them.

Commissioned Sound: Daniel Brookman
Project Assistants: Arne Muraoka, Jay Thakkar, and Ming Rang Bai