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Transformations through Distance, Time and Space - Snow Yunxue Fu Podcast Interview with the Cambridge Creation Lab
May 2020

Podcast Intro by the director of the Cambridge Creation Lab Ivaana Muse:

Sometimes there are colliding perceptions between thought and vision.

Not so in the case of artist, curator, and Assistant Arts Professor in the Department of Photography and Imaging at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts-Snow Yunxue Fu.

Between form and content, her works depict romantic painted spaces that are smeared with the tangible clangs of creation. One can almost touch the meanings encoded in the digitally simulated scenes and the pigments extend from to the physical world through digital spaces-right onto our floating consciousness-trusting the dreaming and the painting.

Through memory and representation and visible illusionist environments I traveled with Snow and her works and navigated dreamy, interactive and mystical spaces and through transparent eyeballs I tumbled into nature and myself and back again. I hope you do too.

Please listen if you can.

Greater details about Snow can be found here:

The works we discussed in the podcast are as follows:
Liminality Liminoid:

The original podcast can be access on Soundcloud: