Digital 3D Art Projects & Media Installations > “Liminal Momentum", Snow Yunxue Fu Solo Exhibition in Duende Art Museum in Guangdong, China

Snow Yunxue Fu Artist Intro to Solo Exhibition “Liminal Momentum” in Duende Art Museum, Guangdong, China
April 2021

"Liminal Momentum" - Snow Yunxue Fu Solo Exhibition, Duende Art Museum, 3/24 – 6/24, 2021

The exhibition officially opens on Wednesday, March 24th in the Duende Art Museum in Guangdong, China. Occupying 4000+ square feet on the second floor of this beautiful Chinese Contemporary Art Museum, the exhibition will last for three months.

The Duende Art Museum is a non-profit public art institution in Shunde, Guangdong in China. It was founded by the private collector Ms. Wu Meiman and she also serves as the chief curator of the museum. The museum is located on the Happy Coast of Shunde Overseas Chinese Town (the famous OCT Loft). It officially opened on September 12, 2020. The exhibition hall covers an area of about 1,000 square meters (10,000+ square feet). It was designed by Chinese designer Jian Junkai from the Zaha Hadid Architect Studio.

Thanks very much for the invitation and great supports from the awesome museum team for making this solo exhibition happen, after many months in the making. The museum has also collected two of my exhibiting artworks in conjunction to the show.

Exhibition Press Release Translation:

“Through art, we can understand ourselves better, but more importantly we can then have a better understanding of the world.” -- Artist Snow Yunxue Fu

Liminal Momentum: people often feel that the sensory threshold of happiness is raised to express the individual's gradual transformation in modern society. For the individual, it is the critical value for the touchpoint of a certain emotion from no feeling, and it is also a transition zone like Waiting for Godot. For life, it is a ritual at every life stage, like a catalyzer injected into the circulation of human life. For society, it is the connection that separates people from the specific narrow secular status to promote them to communicate on the basis of equality, love, and freedom.

Nowadays, human beings have stepped into the era of images. The crowds spend most of their day in front of TV, computers, mobile phones, and other electronic products. Therefore, we are facing two worlds - the screen world and the external world - every day. Then which one is more closely related to us, or which one is the more realistic scene at this moment?

Working primarily with 3D software in a post-photographic framework, artist Snow Yunxue Fu creates scenes of experimental abstraction that translate the concept of liminality into the digital experience, conducting multi-dimensional divergence based on the human sociological perspective of the concept of Liminal Momentum. She uses the Liminal Momentum that was created in digital space to explore the abstract concepts of time, space, and perception, as well as the end of the joyful realm, which is able to bring to the spiritual level of cognition, then calls for the echo of nature. Fu brings people into a virtual but real, artificial but natural Liminal Momentum. Here, we are welcomed to have a metaphysical encounter with these multi-dimensional abstract spaces.