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Run - Valley City Art Game Recording Ground Level (Take 3)
July 2021

Recording of my new artwork/game piece’s play (sound on) with the working title “Run”. The piece is unfortunately quite relevant/timely for now as many cities in China are flooded by the unusual weathers mainly resulted by human activities, and referencing major city like Shanghai that has been experiencing the extreme typhoon called “Firework”.

The art game is an interactive reflection on the intensive city structures’ relationships to the larger natural environments, and also a meditation on the increasingly technological and urban society we turn to inhabit contemporarily. It’s a dreamland and the 3rd person player seems to be doing sleepwalking…making the image of a young woman running, wandering around, and flying through the techno city/garden. Perhaps she is trying to find something, herself, or escaping?

The piece is also meant to be experienced as a soundscape, the players’ movement curate a symphony from the diverse zones within the heavily foggy environments.
#UE #unrealengine #3d #cities #postphoto #soundscapes #atmosphere #domes #rains #plants #gardens #sculpting #texturing #vr #artgame #digitalart #liminalspace

Also thanks to my studio assistant Minghao Zhou