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Artist Commentary and Tour of “Cavern-Us” Solo Exhibition with V-Art Platform by Snow Yunxue Fu

LIVE NOW is my new AR enabled and mobile accessible Solo Exhibition "Cavern-Us" on V-Art platform’s “V-Art” App. Access the direct links of the project here:

V-Art Website:

Project Direct Link (Open on mobile):

V-Art App:

“Cavern-us” is a solo exhibition of Snow Yunxue Fu, the youngest artist to be collected by the National Art Museum of China, one of the country’s premier art institutions. Working primarily with 3D software in a post-photographic framework, Fu creates scenes of experimental abstraction that translate the concept of liminality into the digital experience. The word liminal is often used to discuss the sublime within digital space and the VR experience, conjuring up notions of time, space, and perception, and echoing the experience of the sublime in nature. In Cavern-Us Snow singles out the relationship between humans, our bodies and the environment we populate in a metaphysical ensemble.

Snow Yunxue Fu is a New York based international New Media Artist, Curator, and Assistant Arts Professor in the Department of Photography and Imaging at New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Using topographical computer-rendered images and installations, her practice merges historical, post-photographic, philosophical, and painterly explorations into the universal aesthetic and definitive nature of the techno sublime. In her artistic practice Snow reconciles and combines her thorough knowledge of philosophy and art history with her unstoppable creative force.