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Sedition Artist Interview with Snow Yunxue Fu
February 2022

Sedition had an opportunity to interview Snow Yunxue Fu via video call and to have in-depth conversation. The artist shared the works, ideas and processes with the audience. See Fu's Sedition Artist Profile here:

Snow Yunxue Fu, a new media artist, released her new collection of Run and The Room on Sedition. While Run presents city-centric environments human has established, The Room examines the journey, a shape-shifting human’s finite nature. The mystic, surreal figures in Fu’s virtual world reflects and also questions contemporary society and human activities.

Fu is also actively using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to extend the experience of the digital creation and to engage the movements and sensations of the audience. As an artist, a curator and also an assistant professor at New York University Tisch School of the Arts, her experiences gave her permission to contemplate and to approach digital art from a diverse perspective.