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Side, Projection at Night Light Denver
Side, Projection at Night Light Denver
May 2022

Side is an experimental 3D moving artwork focusing on the notion: we have a long-term dilemma for we have a short-term body. Working primarily with 3D software in a post-photographic framework, Fu creates scenes of experimental abstraction that translate the concept of liminality into the digital experience.

Night Lights Denver is a permanent way for The Denver Theatre District to support innovative artists with an experimental platform while attracting people downtown to experience a free, unique experience.

Our vision for this project is that Night Lights Denver truly becomes ‘the people’s projector,’ encouraging Denver to participate and contribute – including the international, national and locally-based artists we pay for commissioned artworks, schools and people walking through the district. Night Lights Denver partners include Downtown Denver Partnership, Orange Barrel Media and the Daniels & Fisher Tower.