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Laugh Out Loud Metaverse Performance - Prof. Carla Gannis and Prof. Yuliya Lanina with Students
April 2022

Let your avatar’s hair down and join us for “Laugh Out Loud” taking place Saturday, April 9th, 2022, an hour-long virtual performance event and screening devoted to 3D avatar stand up comedy and moving image artworks produced by artists and professors Carla Gannis (NYU Integrated Design & Media program) and Yuliya Lanina (UT Austin, Practice, Arts and Entertainment Technologies), and students from their co-taught course “Humor and Storytelling”. Humor can be the agent that humanizes our technology driven culture and can act as salve during moments of crisis in culture and society. “Laugh Out Loud” brings together works that critically explore and celebrate humor and absurdity in virtual spaces, through spoken work performance, animation, video and acts of play. Come for the Meta. Stay for the Verse!

Showcasing Artists include: Carla Gannis, Yuliya Lanina, Sarah Tahir, Aman Chopra, Fallon Jones, Ajinkya Hukerikar, Max Truty, Leigh Fisher, Ainur Kalimoldayeva, Coco Ma, Maria Tomilenko, Samuelle Buning, Jia Jen Lee, and Angela Medina

* VR WSPark is designed as a metaverse VR exhibition space resembling NYC’s Washington Square Park on the Social VR Platform Sansar by Snow Yunxue Fu - Artist, Curator, and Professor at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, co-hosted by DSLCollection. The virtual show space of VR WSPark is devoted to the curated 3D Imaging artworks of Fu and her students, as well as other curatorial digital projects. It aims to function as a virtual cultural hub for additional events, lectures, and showings in the metaverse.

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