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VR WSPark Spring 2023 Exhibition - Sheng
VR WSPark Spring 2023 Exhibition - Sheng

Exhibition Concept:
Sheng (生) is a Web 3 exhibition taking place in the virtual exhibition space, VR WSPark, hosted on the social VR platform, Sansar, in spring 2023. Sheng (生) is curated by the digital human, Daughter ICE, and her progenitor, New Media artist Snow Yunxue Fu. The exhibition is co-hosted by the DSLCollection.

Sheng (生) is the Chinese character for life (人生), living (生活), birth (出生), and Lives (生命). The artworks in this group exhibition explore these concepts and their implications in the context of existence in digital spaces and the Metaverse, and virtual beings created with imaging technologies.

Exhibiting Artists:
Carla Gannis, Christen Smith, Claudia Hart, Daughter ICE, Frank Yefeng Wang, Genesis Kai, Josette Roberts, Lorie Novak, Marianne R. Petit, MaryAnn Talavera, Reese Antoinette, Snow Yunxue Fu, Suki Violet Su, Tianyu Qiu, Xiaobing Liu, Yuge Zhou, and Ziqiong Huang