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Veraverses, Homage to Vera Molnar, by Snow Yunxue Fu (Starring Daughter ICE)

Showcasing of the Metaverse Sculpture Park with 3D moving monuments built by Digital Human Daughter ICE, inspired by the various works of the one and only Vera Molnar, embodied in the form of an avatar character.

Artist: Snow Yunxue Fu
Year: 2024

Project Manager: Diego Lechuga Rodriguez
Project Assistants: Grace Redman, Sarah Ann Banks, & Eujin Kim

Special Thanks to Josef Broich and his team!

Exhibition Info:
The Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting:
Artworks by Vera Molnar and Homages by Internationally Acclaimed Artists

Opening at 6 p.m. on Friday, February 9, 2024

Richard CASTELLI, Zsófia MÁTÉ

Homage Artists:

Refik ANADOL, Arno BECK, Snow Yunxue FU, Mario KLINGEMANN, Patrick LICHTY, Frieder NAKE, Casey REAS, Antoine SCHMITT, Erwin STELLER, Tamiko THIEL and /p, u2p050, Iskra VELITCHKOVA, aurèce VETTIER, Mark WILSON, Samuel YAN

The exhibition is a collaboration between the Ludwig Museum, the Foundation for Art and Culture (Stiftung für Kunst und Kultur) and the Vintage Gallery.

The exhibition is on view until 14 April 2024.