Digital 3D Art Projects & Media Installations > The Chambers, Multi Channel Installation

The Chambers is a multi-channel video installation made by the Chicago based new media artist Snow Yunxue Fu. The installation is consisted of columns of digital simulated waters, storming in natural and unnatural movements. The virtual liquid moving sculptures layer with repeated intervals going back and forth. Wild yet controlled, real yet digital, providing a limited opening for the viewers to interface with the subliminal imaginary nature.

Snow Yunxue Fu’s artwork approaches the subject of the Sublime using topographical computer rendered animation installations. She examines and interprets the world around her through digital reality, where she draws a parallel to the realms of the physical, the virtual, the metaphysical, and multi-dimensionality.

The Chambers is shown at the Chicago Artist Coalition's Work In Progress 2017 Annual Benefit as the entrance installation.

Editing and Install Assistants: Yuki Cong and Yue Li