Digital 3D Art Projects & Media Installations > Gorges, 3-channel Install

Gorges as a 3-channel installation is premiered at TRANSFER Download project (curated by Kelani Nicole) in the Art House of Thoma Foundation in Santa Fe on June 15th, 2018, and will be showcased there for a whole year.

Gorges is a three-channel 3D Moving Image piece that contemplates contemporary technological society’s relationship with the natural world. While clouds are synonymous with digital culture, rendered rivers and mountains are realistically depicted stationary with highly saturated color directly from the RGB scale. The naturalistic compositions ties visually to landscape paintings (both Chinese and Western), play on perception and desire for a relationship with nature; yet it is synthetic, a liminal realm that we experience but cannot touch. Gorges offers an experience of the digital sublime, which overlaps with our perception of the digital, landscape, our relationship with each, and the fundamental questions that follow, peering into the nature of our existence.

Sound commission: Daniel Brookman
Project Assistant: Jennifer Muraoka
Documentation Rendering Assistant: Ming Rang Bai